Project Team

We are an interdisciplinary team focused on enhancing Water and Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Africa, especially in sub-Saharan Francophone and Lusophone countries.

Dr Akanimo P. Odon is an international business & strategy development expert who has gained experience working in several capacities with special reference to Africa.

Dr Christine Abonge is a Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Women and Gender Studies in the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences; University of Buea -Cameroon. She is a co-investigator and will coordinate the gendered aspects and considerations of the project.

Dr Emmanuel Tsekleves is a Senior Lecturer in design interactions in health at Lancaster University. He is the principal investigator, leading the project management as well as the design research aspects of the project.

Prof Kenneth Yongabi Anchang is a Professor at Ebonyi State University, Nigeria. He is public health, infectious disease and Bioenvironmental engineer, interested in the exploitation of African indigenous knowledge and use of plant materials to treat water and wastewater at low cost. He is a WASHable co-investigator.

Prof Kirk T. Semple is a Professor of Environmental Microbiology at Lancaster University. He is broadly interested in the waste-energy-food nexus and more specifically in the use of microorganisms for energy generation and the application of the resulting by-products as soil amendments or alternatives to conventional fertiliser. He is part of the WASHable advisory board.

Dr Manoj Roy is a Lecturer at Lancaster University. His research interests include urban poverty analysis; ecosystem services/disservices-urban poverty linkages; climate change adaptation; and human settlement design and planning; and informal land and rental markets. He is part of the WASHable advisory board.

Dr Mariana Fonseca Braga is a Research Associate – International at Imagination (Lancaster University). She is a designer and supports workshops development and is interested in (co-)design capabilities building.

Prof Marli Santana is a professor in Biochemistry and Research Projects, Health Department and the Ethics Committee for Human Research Coordinator at the Catholic University of Angola. She is a project spoken partner.

Prof Roger Pickup holds the Chair of Biomedicine and Life sciences in the Faculty of Health and Medicine at Lancaster University. He is a microbiologist interested in microbial pathogens in the environment and human health, and a WASHable co-investigator.

Prof Tomasso De Pippo is Full Professor of Physical Geography and Geomorphology, Vice-president of the Scientific Council of the CProf Tommaso De Pippo is the General-Director of the Institute of Mineral Resources, Environment and Technology, Vice-president of the Scientific Council and Director of the Technological Research Center at the Catholic University of Angola. He is a project spoken partner.

Dr Yonette Thomas is a globally acknowledged thought leader, urban health champion, and an advocate for valuing the health of women and girls as an economic imperative.  As a founding board member of Women’s Economic Imperative (WEI), she leads the organisation’s focus on the health of women and girls as an economic value. Her work as global advisor for the Centre for Urban Health and Development within the Asian Institute of Poverty Alleviation (CUHD-AIPA) extends her focus on the global south and the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals in this last decade. She is the Associate Editor for Women and Girls for Cities & Health. She is part of the WASHable advisory board.

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