Project Partners

ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster University, UK 

An open and exploratory design-led research lab at Lancaster University. We conduct applied and theoretical research into people, products, places, services and technologies.

Catholic University of Angola (CUA)  

The Institute of Minerals Resources, Environment and Technology (IRMAT) and Higher Institute for Health Sciences (ISCS) at CUA have experience in the environmental management and innovation in WASH; in the infectious disease and epidemiology related to WASH as well as its social dimensions.

Department of Women and Gender Studies, The University of Buea (UoB), Cameroon 

The Department of Women and Gender Studies is in the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences of the University of Buea, Cameroon. The Department is the major research institution in Cameroon with the mission to lead multi-disciplinary research, to teach and to build capacity for gender mainstreaming, producing high-quality gender sensitive graduates, and fostering critical thinking, activism and advocacy for the promotion of gender equality and social justice.

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